Buyer Wins In A Complicated Market

It seems like every time we hear someone talking about buying a home these days, interest rates and high prices are all that people are focusing on. These two topics are making a lot of buyers fearful and it’s turning them away while instead, they wait patiently on the sidelines for rates to drop and supply to pick up.

However, what a lot of people aren’t seeing is that there are a ton of buyers who are actually winning in this market. Buyers are winning out on deals and having success working with trusted realtors and lenders, finding lower-cost options for their monthly mortgage payments, creative ways to close, and ending up in their dream home.

We want to share a few buyer success stories with you and how we made it work alongside our trusted and experienced preferred lenders. 

We helped our buyer Niki O. by helping structure a seller subsidy program for them and they got a 3.875% interest rate. Then, we were able to offer them a full appraisal gap coverage with no additional impact on the funds needed for closing. This was a great win for our buyers!

Buyers Jon and Julia L. were able to land their dream home non-contingent with the utilization of a bridge loan. We had a quick closing and waived all dates to win the home while still negotiating a $25K seller credit. Finally, we purchased a permanent rate buydown with a credit from the sellers to get to an interest rate in the 4’s; a rate they most likely will not need to refinance in the future. A major success, and happy parties all around!

Cody T. and Greg B. just successfully closed on their home by purchasing a permanent rate buydown with the $20K credit from the sellers to get to an interest rate in the 4’s; this will likely be a rate they will not need to refinance. Going this route saves $750/month in monthly payments. The sellers said no to the credit at first, but our buyer specialist, Brooke, stood her ground and in the end got them to accept. This specific buyer win just goes to show you that working with an experienced Realtor who can bring in a trusted lending partner is so important.

First-time homebuyers Maddy and Mitch S. came in with a specific budget, focusing on what they could afford on a monthly basis. So, instead of lowering the purchase price, we advised them to take the discount in the form of a seller credit which brought down their rate to a rate in the 4’s to keep their monthly payment manageable on their dream home! Such a great deal for first-time buyers!

While some of the more traditional loan options may be the way to go, each buyer is different, and the market is ever-changing. It’s imperative to have an experienced Realtor Lender team on your side going into any home purchase. Knowledge of the local market and a little creativity can go a long way in helping buyers get into a home they love for a price they can afford.

If you’ve been thinking about buying, but aren’t sure where to start, we will happily connect you with our trusted lending partner, Jessica Uphoff with NEO Home Loans, to start the process. Working together, we can ensure that we will work hard to get you the best deal possible and have your back throughout the whole buying process. Our motto is “People Before Properties” and we truly live this every single day. We would love to connect with you, please reach out anytime!