Grant Muller Triumphs as One of the Best Realtors in Denver

We’re very proud to report that Grant Muller of the Grant Muller Group at Spaces Real Estate was recently featured in Referrals Magazine! This monthly magazine features interesting stories on the power of referral networks and on the importance of relationship-building tactics. Grant was featured in the September 2019 issue due to his relationship-focused approach to real estate. His unique business approach is one of the main reasons why he ranks so consistently as one of the best realtors in Denver.

What Did the Article Discuss

The article, titled “Triumphs In The Influential Zone,” details an intriguing story of learning, self-discovery, and relationship-building in Grant’s professional career.

The author described how Grant slowly built a solid relationship with a successful financial advisor named Dan. Grant was originally helping Dan’s daughter buy a home and, thanks to an ambitious, yet successful proposal, Grant created a professional connection with Dan.

Through a series of lunches, personal conversations, and small gestures of appreciation, this professional connection soon blossomed into an incredibly powerful relationship. With enough time and effort, Grant turned his great connection into a valuable companion. Thanks to their enduring friendship, Grant now receives approximately $3 million in sales every year through referrals from Dan! That’s the kind of outstanding connection that every real estate agent dreams of.

Of course, Grant’s success in this story is mainly derived from his innate passion to build personal connections with his clients. It’s one of the many aspects that makes him one of the best realtors in Denver. However, the article gives credit where credit is due. Grant accounts some of his success to the lessons that he learned from the book, “The Seven Levels of Communication” by Michael J. Maher. The terrific insights that he gained from this reading material have given him a leg up on the competition and they have shaped him into the great influencer that he is today.

The entire article goes much more in-depth into Grant’s triumphant story and how the 7L System benefited him. If you’re interested, you can read the entire article on our blog.

Why this Article Matters

The choice to sell your home is not one to be taken lightly. You’re moving your entire family out of your comfortable residence and transitioning into a completely new environment. It’s a large investment in your future with tons of moving parts, so you don’t want one thing to go wrong. If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI for your home and that you’re selling it with a quick turnaround, then you need to work with a trusted real estate agent. The article, “Triumphs In The Influential Zone,” effectively demonstrates why Grant Muller is one of the most trust-worthy realtors in the Denver area.

It’s no coincidence that 98% of the homes bought and sold through Grant Muller are referrals. Our referral rate is so high because of one thing: Grant Muller prioritizes people over properties.

Before Grant even starts to sell your home, Grant will prioritize building a strong relationship with you first. For Grant, relationships are everything. It’s an integral piece of our daily operations and it’s what makes Grant Muller one of the best realtors in Denver.

Many people might assume that all real estate agents take this approach. That assumption could not be further from the truth. You’d be surprised to learn how many realtors flip the priorities around, emphasizing properties over people instead! There are far too many realtors in Denver that get so focused on the transaction that they lose sight of the most important priority – client satisfaction. Those agents are just in the business to make money and nothing more. That’s not the case with Grant Muller.

Grant and his team of real estate agents at Spaces Real Estate are entirely client-focused. We always prioritize relationships over revenue. Like we said earlier: you can’t take the decision to sell your home lightly! Grant holds that belief close to his heart and takes the time to understand you as a person before starting the process of selling your home. Only the best realtors in Denver will take the approach of building relationships first.

Get a Better ROI for Your Home With One of the Best Realtors in Denver

Selling your home may sound easy, but it hardly ever is. As a homeowner, you might struggle putting the selling pieces together efficiently. We will make it much easier for you. Grant Muller will take the time to understand all of your needs and preferences first before listing your home on the market.

Contact Grant Muller today to start working with one of the best realtors in Denver.