Why Buyers Should Work With A Realtor When Buying A New Build Home

If you’re searching for a home in the Colorado Front Range, you may be considering a new build. With developments popping up everywhere, and new homes being built after the Marshall Fire, it’s a great option to consider.
Buying a new construction home has many benefits including customization, everything being brand new, fewer repairs and less maintenance, higher safety standards, green appliances and home features, and financing options through the builder. So, if a new build home seems like the best option for you, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have an experienced realtor to represent you on the buyer side.
When you’re starting your home search, a Realtor can help you find and visit different communities that fit your criteria and budget. It’s important to work with a Realtor from this very first step in the home buying process when looking at new builds because it lets the builder know you will have someone representing you, which sometimes can be rejected if you bring in a Realtor later on.
Working with a Real Estate Agent is of no cost to you, and you don’t get any type of discount for not using a realtor. The builder’s agent is responsible for paying the commission to the buyer’s agent. Furthermore, the builder agent will be looking out for what’s in their best interest and will be working to get top dollar when selling the home. If you’re working with a buyer’s agent, like Brooke with Grant Muller Group, they will be looking out for your best interest. An agent can work on your behalf to negotiate with the builders, oversee inspections, and recommend financing outside of the builder’s preferred lender.
Possibly the most beneficial part about working with a Realtor when buying a new build is having them help you navigate the contract. Builders provide their own contract that has the main goal of protecting the builder. With an agent on your side, you will have more control over changes to the building timeline, contingencies, and more.
If you work with an agent, it’s their job to make sure you are not only getting the most value for your money but also doing it without any hassle and keeping the whole process smooth and easy for you.
The bottom line is that having an agent represent you is of no cost to you and will provide you with many benefits when going through the buying process. At Grant Muller Group, we always put our clients first. We always strive to put people before properties and provide the highest-quality real estate transaction experience for each and every one of our clients.
Right now we are loving the Dream Finders new build homes. A few neighborhoods we recommend you check out include Sorrento in Mead, Kinston at Centerra in Loveland, and Reserve at Timberline in Fort Collins. So many great new construction options!