Why Video Marketing is Key to Selling Your Denver Area Home

Gone are the days of advertising your Denver luxury real estate in the newspaper. Does anyone else remember the realtor shorthand posted along with the classifieds every morning? Denver houses for sale are getting much more high-tech, including utilizing video marketing, a fast-growing aspect of real estate marketing. While video walkthroughs have been around for the most expensive and exclusive home listings for a while, they are becoming more commonplace everywhere. This is excellent news for you.

Whether you’re just looking to list your home among the best Denver houses for sale or trying to find out the best options for your home currently on the market, video marketing is it and Grant Muller is the leader in successful listing videos. Let’s dive in.

The way we shop has changed forever

This change was a long time coming, but the events of the last few years have expedited the process. Most of us don’t shop in person much anymore. Many of our significant purchases are researched heavily online before buying anything. Why would Denver luxury real estate be any different?

The truth is, it’s not. Upwards of 97% of home buyers are starting their research online, even before contacting an agent. This is essentially their first look into Denver luxury real estate. No one drives through the neighborhood for an ‘Open House’ sign anymore!

Because buyers are doing their initial research online, providing them with the best tools to visually experience the home before they ever step foot in it will set you and your home apart. Using video when it comes to Denver houses for sale is just a natural extension of pictures and gives buyers more of what they want from a home listing.

Video sells

Take a look at YouTube for a minute. This video-only platform is the second-largest search engine in the world. Most people don’t even realize that YouTube is considered a search engine, but it’s also our go-to when we need all sorts of information.

YouTube makes it clear that videos speak just as loudly as words. When it comes to Denver luxury real estate, your potential buyer might not be searching YouTube for their next home, but you know they understand the value of video.

More than 35% of home buyers utilize video in some way

A study done with Google and the National Association of Realtors showed online video regarding homes for sale is exploding. Approximately 36% of people use video as an information source while they are home searching, and 70% of those videos are of actual home tours. Well over 50% said the videos added a lot of value to their search.

If you’re listing your home among other Denver homes for sale, using video to showcase your home or the community your home is in can be a massive boost to you.

Nearly 75% increase in understanding

Most people are visual learners, which means they benefit from seeing something before them rather than reading about it. Video is the ultimate tool for visual learners and can help put them in that specific place. When it comes to Denver luxury real estate, most agents will tell you that if your buyer can picture themselves or their family within that home, it will sell for more.

Videos can help increase someone’s understanding by upwards of 74%. This means every buyer who views your home’s video when looking at Denver homes for sale will have a better understanding of your home’s size, features, and layout. Your perfect buyer may be able to picture themselves right there in the family room or cooking in the kitchen before they actually step foot into the home itself.

This greater understanding and appreciation will help a potential buyer form an emotional connection to the home before ever stepping foot inside of it. This ultimately leads to a higher sale price.

Videos increase trust

If you’ve ever been house shopping before, you know that listing photos often do not give a clear picture of the actual property. Denver homes for sale are generally beautiful, well-kept, and up-to-date, but that’s not always the rule. There is almost nothing more disappointing than seeing beautiful, bright photos of the perfect Denver luxury real estate listing, just to turn up at the showing and realize the images were heavily edited.

With video, a potential buyer can hit play and learn about the listing while seeing your home in person. The buyer knows the dimensions of the living room or kitchen area by seeing them on video. This is essentially a trust-building exercise, and buyers have much more faith in videos not being heavily edited as photographs.

Who will a potential buyer go with when looking at Denver homes for sale? The listing with a great video that shows them exactly what they are getting, or the listing with pictures that may be edited? The answer is clear.

Videos increase responses

Still not convinced? Real estate listings that include video within their listing receive about 400% more inquiries than similar listings without video. That is a massive uptick in visitors and interest in the property, all because someone thoughtfully recorded a walkthrough of the home or talked on-camera about the neighborhood.

In addition, when your realtor is sharing your Denver luxury real estate with potential buyers, links with videos that are embedded get more organic search results. This means someone searching for Denver homes for sale that meet your home’s specifications is more likely to find your listing.

Ready to list?

If you’re ready to take the leap and list, contact Grant Muller and his team today. This group has extensive experience handling Denver luxury real estate and, more importantly, has experience handling video marketing. If you want a real estate team that understands the importance of video marketing and can create amazing listing videos to sell your home fast, make Grant Muller your first call!
*Header photo courtesy of Arizona Listing Media